“Well done, is better than well said.”

–Benjamin Franklin


Armchair advocates are people who advocate for certain actions or agendas without taking action to realize them. Armchair activism is an easy habit to fall into. Where the problem lies is the students not knowing where to start and lacking the resources to get involved on a bigger scale. We know this because prior to starting this club, we were one among these students and felt the same way. As such, Lorax is committed to offering creative and impactful events through which such students are urged to participate and combat climate change.


“Each one of us can make a difference. Together we make change”–Barbara Mikulski. A small substrata of activists invested in climate change cannot amount to the social pressure and bring about the necessary reform on their own. True change can only be achieved if the lay person––and the lay McMaster student by extension––gets involved. The Lorax model takes this into deep consideration, and intends to host climate change themed events that specifically targets and attracts this population; that would normally not get involved.


Lorax, above all, aims to foster a community of people sharing the same goal. Through our events, we want to show the combined power of a community when it comes together for a common goal. All while doing so, we hope to create a platform that stimulates bonding experiences and unites different communities within McMaster––from different programs to faculties and even clubs.